About Jolanda

Hello Natural Beauty Lovers,

I felt it important because you share yourself so intimately with me that I do the same for you.Through sharing my own life story, you can learn to know ‘why’ I do what I do. The most enjoyable part of being a business owner is getting to know you the customer personally. 
I was born in the Netherlands in a small town called Den Bosch. Raised in a poor, lower class family as a child, my younger years were very different than all the other kids on my street. Subject to a very dysfunctional and unhappy home life, most days I didn’t know where to turn.My home environment was filled with violence and alcoholic abuse. At school I was faced with bullying almost every day. I was never able to experience what it was like to feel safe, loved and protected the way most children are taken care of. As I grew into adulthood I felt very different.
For many years it was a constant struggle to find a place in the world to belong and feel loved and nurtured. My self esteem was nil. I certainly didn’t feel intelligent or attractive. I also brought my past into all my life experiences because that is all I knew.
It wasn’t till the age of 37 when I was caught off guard by a whisper from my soul, “There was more to me then what people thought of me!” My life was never the same after this new conscious thought was placed in my mind.My bad habits fell by the way side. After 25 years of heavy chain smoking I proudly gained the will power to quit. As I became healthier my energy increased. I felt a strong desire to direct this renewed energy positively towards something that could not only help myself, but help others at the same time.
Synchronicity was at play the day I walked into a soap store. An unexpected entrepreneurial spirit awakened in me as my mind began to race. Deep in my soul I knew I could do something like this, even though soap was not the ideal product I wanted to sell.
Becoming more health conscious along my journey the idea to make all natural face creams came to me one day. I then shared samples with my friends and family. The response was overwhelming and so positive. I felt like I had finally created something in my life to belong as a part of society. This motivated me to develop more products and an online store.What I discovered is by nurturing others with my products I was able to fulfill the void of my need to be nurtured myself. We are all human. We all want to be loved and nurtured and to love and nurture back.
That is why I put so much passion and love into making my products. I want all my customers to feel nurtured and loved. It has taken many years for me to find happiness in my life. Happiness can be very contagious when you are able to touch many people’s life as I am now.I am grateful for my past as it has brought me to my true purpose and the unfolding of my creations of beauty products to keep you looking beautiful and happy and healthy! I hope my story of adversity has inspired you. Remember this. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to do. If you have a story like mine don’t be afraid to share it. In the sharing the real you is revealed allowing your true purpose to unfold.
With Love....Jolanda